Rain Rain

Wow has rained everyday since we got here, but hey what did I expect when a hurricane comes thru.  But not all is that bad have golfed twice since being here in between down pours. 

Things here are so green and pretty just wish some of this rain would go up to Nebraska where they could really use it.  They have a flash fire warning up there due to no rain.  So let’s all hope they get some soon.

Well that’s all for today.  I’m really new at this so we will see how this goes.  Take care all

Home Sweet Home….Florida

Image in Florida to the wonderful rain from hurricane Isaac.  The winds had gusts of up to 50 mph but we did not have any damage here in our area just a little flooding.  I just hope that the people of New Orleans will be safe. 

I enjoy so much coming here; it put’s your mind in a whole new thought process.  I just wish that we could come a little earlier this fall.  We spend our winter’s here and there is just no stress of all the stuff that goes on up north.  With all the kids grown up, married and moved away I don’t know what is stopping us; oh yeah it’s that thing called work.